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Justice works in mysterious ways: Frank opinion from a Shahbag Supporter

by Imtiaz Mirza for AlaloDulal [লেখাটির বাংলা সংষ্করন ইংরেজী পোস্টের নীচে সংযুক্ত আছে] The leaked verdict on ICT case against Salauddin Quader Chowdhury has substantial similarities with the actual verdict … Continue reading

October 4, 2013 · 1 Comment

Death and Justice: What Might Have Been

Death and Justice: What Might Have Been By Shafiqur Rahman for AlaloDulal There was an eerie predictability about the Supreme Court verdict on Abdul Quader Molla and also about the aftermath. … Continue reading

September 21, 2013 · 14 Comments

Bangladesh is not ours

“I feel fortunate to be a member of the Chakma community, a minority group of Bangladesh, but when such attacks occur, I sometimes feel unfortunate to be a Bangladeshi.“

August 7, 2013 · 5 Comments

Study of History: The Popular-Academic Divide

Study of History: The Popular-Academic Divide by Shafiq for This article is a continuation of a discussion initiated in an AoD post by Naeem Mohaiemen on March 4th 2013, … Continue reading

June 27, 2013 · 2 Comments

Sayedee is Not The Victim Here

From ICSF (International Crimes Strategy Forum) page:

December 20, 2012 · Leave a comment

New York: Those Protests outside Marriott

It started as a carefree walk through New York’s Times Square to unwind after a long day. Then, far off in the background, I thought I heard sounds I hadn’t heard for … Continue reading

September 27, 2012 · 70 Comments



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