Pascal Lamy & Dhaka University’s Shame

In such a fine era of youth-led resistance and rising, the democratic spirits of DU needed not be submitted to Lamy’s idea of a privatized world!…PS: Around 50 students walked out in protest during Lamy’s speech. A round of applause for them.

Our public universities are not vocational factories. Dhaka University is neither merely a business school, nor it is an extension of our shopping malls. DU is an institution of fabulous academic diversity, accommodating hundreds of dynamic school of thoughts and disciplines. A powerful set up, that should be provoking enough for a generation to stand back and ask the right sort of moral, intellectual, and political questions. The free society within DU is much bigger, much broader, than a mere bunch of future-blue-collar-workers mass-manufactured on university assembly lines.

Maha Mirza: Pascal and his Ph.D: the case of de-historicising DU

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