Video – Saudi Humiliating Bangladeshi Driver

We have been sent this video, which allegedly shows a Saudi man humiliating a Bangladeshi driver.

We are posting it because we want to know the truth. Our collective Arabic skills do not amount to much. If you can translate for us what is going on, we will be very grateful.

Others with rudimentary Arabic skills have told us that this video does indeed show what it is purported to show. In which case, we can chalk this down as yet another instance of Arab racism towards their Muslim brethren. If not, then we would like to know the motivation of the man who is slapping around his fellow human being.

5 thoughts on “Video – Saudi Humiliating Bangladeshi Driver

  1. Roughly….

    Driver: I live here, take my earnings from here for my mother and father
    Saudi: *slap* Why did you say the Saudi government isnt good?
    Driver: I didn’t say anything about Saudi government
    Saudi:’ Do you think Saudi are scared of America, You Animal?
    Driver: I take my rizq from here (KSA) I’m sorry, leave it please
    Saudi: Kiss my hand…You dog, your government is like a dog, you dog
    Saudi: What’s your name?
    Driver: Abdullah
    Saudi: Abdullah from the animals
    Driver: Abdullah Akhtar Ali
    Saudi *slap*…Abdullah ali akhtar the animal
    Saudi: What is Saudi? What is Saudi?
    Driver: Saudi is the best, best country in the world, most blessed and filled with good
    Saudi: And you?
    Driver: I am Muslim
    Saudi: You are…what?
    Driver: I’m from Bangladesh
    Saudi: You are an animal
    Saudi: You are..what?
    Driver: An animal
    Saudi: Kiss my hand, you animal
    Saudi *slap* You want to say anything about Saudi?
    Driver: No no, it’s the best
    Saudi: The Saudi Government is above your mother’s head, you son of a bitch
    Saudi: Will you say anything again about Saudi government?
    Driver: No
    Saudi: Is Saudi scared of America, you dog?
    Driver: No
    Saudi: Saudi is scared of no-one
    Saudi: *menacingly* I swear if you ever say anything about Saudi again…
    Saudi: Go, you dog

  2. “yet another instance of Arab racism towards their Muslim brethren”

    And what if he wasn’t a Muslim? Would our outrage be less?

    1. I cannot speak for “our” but mine would not be. I mention that to point out “yet another instance” of hypocrisy from certain sections of the Arab world. Imagine if this is how they treat the people who are supposedly their brothers, how do non-Muslims fare there?

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