GENDER: Shaon and our society

These days our national discourse — the facebook broadcasts, the print media junks — have made villain out of Shaon, the just widowed wife of deceased writer Humayun Ahmed.

Wife Shaon and publisher Mazhar are the villains in all Bangladeshi tabloids now a days. But these are the two people who were with Humayun during his last lap. Shaon’s struggle to save Humayun was en epic battle. Can anyone imagine how difficult it was for her to move to NY with two very young kids and a sick man who, all his life, is used to have everything done for him, including bringing a glass of water? Shaon had to start a family from scratch. Singlehandedly. Mazhar and some occasional local Bangladeshi vagabonds helped her out once a while.

Yes Humayun did dump his first wife for the life he always lived/ wanted to live. Fun filled child’s play. But when there are three teenage girls raising at the house, the door cannot be kept open all day night for endless stream of visitors for all night adda. When Humayun’s Gultekin became a protective mother of three daughters, Humayun needed some one else. Gultekin wanted Humayun now to be a responsible father. Humayun was not ready to give up his soul. Humayun was ready to prioritize his personal life style over his moral obligation for his wife. His love probably was not there anymore. He however always thought his children will be his and he had no intention to part with them. It’s the daughters who probably did not accept their father’s betrayal with their mother.

Shaon gave Humayun everything he wanted. He will sit beside the pond all night and Shaon will sing for her. He will get wet in rain, Shaon will be there. Humayun will paint pond side, his friends catch fish and Shaon will sing song. Shaon married Humayun out of teenage love. A girl, who is in her late teen age or early twenties, has every right to fall in love with funny, romantic, creative as well as a leader type, larger than life type figure. The intensity of love in this age will mask the anomalies that the person she is falling in love with is a much older man, kind of father figure, a married man with daughters her age. Meher Afroz Shaon, the just widowed wife of author Humayun Ahmed has only one reason to resort to this extreme venture, uninhabitable love. She herself is from a very affluent family, a shining start in country’s cultural scene, a brilliant student — she could easily marry the most suitable living boys around at that time. It needed lots of guts for both her and the author.

This conservative society will keep blindly blaming the girl for the marriage they think anomalous. A man her fathers age, who is equally, if not more, to blame — will remain pretty much untouched. “purush manush to, oder ar ki dish, shob dosh to oi meyetar… you cannot blame the man for this sort of affair, if anyone to blame it is that spoiled girl”.

The three daughters of Humayun had valid reasons to be angry at their dad. He was a great source of embarrassment for them. When Humayun was supposed to be playing with their kids, he had two boys his grand child’s age. But there was no reason to believe that his daughters did not know that Humayun was suffering from incurable disease, a deadly cancer. It was unforgivable that they did not call him or even see him when he was back for a short stay.

It was Shaon who fought for Humayun till the last day. Humayun was her big bet. She had to have a relative long stretch of life to live with Humayun with their sons. She played a big gamble marrying him, now she had to somehow keep him alive. So that her very young kids get to see their dad. Her first miscarriage was big blow for her. She was always under scrutiny. Firs miscarriage was also her failure. That’s why two more boys come to this world that at least gave Shaon some authority, some authenticity as his wife.

Again think of cold winter in Jamaica’s run down neighborhood, a old run down home, a sick Humayun Ahmed and Shaon in charge of having Humayun get treatment, taking care of young kids and living like a family.

This article by a person who was with Humayun Ahmed and family during his last days will shed some light on how Shaon faced the battle.

She fought like a great warrior. She deserved accolade of all the society. Unfortunately, the opposite is happening.

It’s a very unjust society.

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  1. I dont see any difference between this article and the other trash ones which have been circulated to demonize shawn. All based on disgusting assumptions. Also, its not true that the daughters didnt visit him once they got to know about the cancer. Humayun himself wrote about their last visit in his last journals (published in Prothom Alo). It was called the 3Ws of my life.
    Lastly the public anger was derived not due to what happend 8 years back, but due to Shawn’s utterly arrogant, insensetive and aboslutely un-humble remarks. No one said anything bad up to that point.

    1. @dipu …………well said and agree with u…just like our BD politics…this article is just a “dhawa palta dhawa”…how easily writer judged and complained about 3Ws!!! even he may does not know the truth.

  2. first you are asking us not to be judgemental about shaon. I appriciate that. and then you are saying: “It was unforgivable that they (dauthers) did not call him or even see him when he was back for a short stay”! hahahahha

  3. Interesting. You rightly point out the hypocrisy and mysoginistic nature of our society. Then make very patriarchal and potentially sexist observations on his daughters. Humayun the artist who lived by rules he made defying the shackles of society – whether or not we as individuals approve and we maybe had no right to cast judgement – would surely have disapproved

  4. Farzana Ahmed’s open letter to Syed Badrul Ahsan of DAILY STAR, posted here with her permission.

    Badrul Ahsan’s op-ed:

    Farzana Ahmed’s response:

    Dear Mr Ahsan:
    The death of love does not necessarily leave one in an ocean of pain. There may not even be any pain. There may be relief, anger,hatred, and a milieu of other emotions. Just because the writer’s ex wife has been silent it doesn’t mean she’s living in unspeakable anguish. Her silence should not be the justification for why you think her name should be huddled with a bunch of other names under the banner ‘perpetually-suffering-from- being- left- behind-by- horrid husband’. What makes you an authority on the remnants of love?

    Its totally in bad taste to make a list of ex wives of famous men and tell us how those ‘forgotten’ women must be living miserable lives after their rotten and selfish husbands left them and just how those rotten and selfish husbands suffered miserably in the hands of fate ( isn’t that why Humayun Ahmed was punished with death by cancer?).

    All this hue and cry about the deceased writer’s ex wife and new wife (still the other woman) is sickening and writings such as yours only fuel the undying fascination people have for nastiness and high drama.

    Your article truly makes me wonder (and not for the first time) about the sense and sensibility of The Daily Star.

    In much pain from reading your BS
    ~ Farzana

  5. after marrying Gultekin HA became NONDITO..but after marrying shaon he became NINDITO.. i guess the writer forgot the cheap politics shaon played when it came to burial. its Gultekin and her children who were considerate abt the whole situation

    1. Perhaps giltimia did not forget, but rather interpreted it differently from you.

      PS giltimia, please come and defend your own article! Why am I posting rebuttal?

  6. Correct me if I am wrong,
    1. Since Humayun moved to USA only his youngest daughter called him once a while. Other two did not call him. Even when the whole country knew HA is fighting for life, Zafar Iqbal flew from Dhaka, his youngest who lives in USA, did not come to visit him. All of them could easily contact Humayun by calling Mazhar.
    2. There was occasional Skype contact between HA and his elder son Nuhash. That also would happen at publisher Mazhar’s Dhaka house. It was only HA’s mother who would call regularly.
    3. It was Shaon who fought for Humayun’s life. With her two toddler age boys, in an foreign country, without any maid servant ( what they are used to have), Shaon gave all her energy strength for cure of HA.
    4. Humayun was very happy with Shaon and his little boys last few years of his life.

    Now answer the following questions,
    1. What is Shaon’s gain by by forcing HA burial at Nuhash Polli?
    2. Who else would know HA’s last wishes other than Shaon?
    3. If you were in Shaon’s shoes, madly in love with HA but just lost him for ever, would not use all your stubbornness to fulfill HA’s last wishes?
    4. If HA indeed tell Shaon to bury him in Nuhash Polli, did she do anything wrong by forcing his wishes that night?
    4. Where you do folks see sexism here? Last I knew Shaon was a woman, not a man.

    Then let me ask you all a few more questions,

    1. Among family members, other than Shaon and HA’s two little boys, whose loss is more?
    2. Have any of you ever thought what the hell Shaon is going through with these two little boys? They spent all day night with their dad since they are born. Now they are asking their mother day and night for their Abbi. What else could be worse for a young mother of two?
    3. While all our sympathy is flowing for the three adult daughters who all have their own lives, families and Children, how come no one feels much ( or talks about it) about a very young widow and the two little boys who just lost their loving father?

    1. I thing the house breaker woman like sahwan should take a lesson for what happened . As she wad HA s latest wife it was her duty to with him it is not a big deal. But there is no dout she id one of the selfish person who establish the things that she want by any cost

    2. My answers are as below Mr giltimia:
      Ans1. we will come to know about her gain after while.
      Ans 2. Drama queen just made it in her own way ( by the way Allah knows it all) and of course through out HA’s happy family life he must have mentioned it with his daughters.
      Ans 3. I never want to be like her and therefore, don’t want to put myself in her dirty shoes.
      Ans 4. She has no right . Because the relationship was fake or you may call it abnormal. Therefore, once HA is gone then the other party doesn’t have the liberty to capitalize such disgraceful relationship.

      Ans 1. Bangladeshi people,Gultekin and her children.
      Ans2. I am sure she will bring a new father for them shortly !
      Ans 3. She was ready for it since she knew, because of the huge age difference she will have to go though such situation in any ways.

      What a shame, I can’t believe how can a normal person can justify such thing? Shaon had no other choice but being with HA in NY, she was his legitimate wife also the drama queen wanted to make an impression to every one. However, my point is that, how can we expect HA’s daughters to call, he left them to bare the shame and pain. It is shameful it’s like father marrying his daughter. I can’t forgive shaon and HA for this disgraceful thing.

      1. Yes you are very write shaon will bring a new father for the boys, but gultekn will never get a husband and the daughers will be with the pain for their father forever and not calling to their father regularly.while he was alive.

        Shaon I don’t thing will be a problem, who weren’t bothered for the dead body will be in the freeze, hayre manush? Money and fame talks, And it is shocking those who take the side of shaon, they are not born in a good family values.

      2. Shown’s gain
        the first wife’s children cannot sell nuhash polli to other because of love to their father. Even if they dont love their father or don’t have any feelings for him they wont sell his grave at least for the reason of morality, bad publicity, etc. And this thing shawon will use as a tool. The daily income of nuhash polli is minimum 1 lac tk and as senior to ha’s children or in other words being their step mother (a mother figure) she will get the authority to deal with the money and nuhash polli’s management. Normally shawon and her 2 children will get lesser share of ha’s property so if the first 4 children would have sold their shares the majority would have gone to other hand and this was very foreseeable by seeing the relationship of shawon and the first wife’s children. So shawon used this as a trick to get authority of nuhash polli

    3. Sorry I thought the family was financially well off, they could have lived in a good accommodation with housekeepers/cleaners or child carer (Nanny or Aupair) in USA. Most well off Deshi people come abroad but don’t seem to bring their life style with them.
      HA’s children of first marriage didn’t keep in contact, will has a child when you know your father/mother has abandoned you for their happiness, doesn’t matter how sick or good, you resent your parents for rest of your life. Your child hood emotion will always be there.
      Well Shawn chose to live her life with an over aged man start a family, good luck to her, why should others fell sympathy towards her, there are millions of widows in desh without any financial or emotional means to support them or their children. Shawn needs to concentrate on her boys and move on in life, please don’t get into asserts fight life is short ….

    4. I agree with you.being a fan and admirer of Humayun,I just salute his courage and dreams and pray that this scandals and harsh remarks about Mrs.Ahmed(Shaon) should stop immidiately

  7. I blamed Humayun who is a mature man , who left his family for his fantasy. But Shaon also can not take off the responsibility to break a family to humiliate a family. What that happen to her mom! What teaching she will give her boys? But end of the day it is Humayun did pay back what he did. The time he should be surrounded for family , he didn’t have anyone.
    It was Humayuns responsibility to call the children. Or least he could have just said in the media I missed my 4 children as well. But he did not. He missed everything else in the world!!!

    1. Very much agree with you Rose, you cannot blame children for their action, they don’t ask to come to this world we parents do… Not sure why HA have so many children…

  8. You are suffering from ‘myopia’ to ignore the sufferings, emotional humilation the 1st wife and the children from that marriage has undergone. Can you, the very author can take it easily if your father/ mother married a friend of yours? Can you then justify that your father/mother (if they do marry another person by leaving the other) like you are jsutifying the marriage of Shaon by Humayun? Don’t be a hyprocrate altogether.

    1. I completely agree with Klanto Pothik. While living in a civilized society, you can’t do whatever you like. You never can marry your friend’s father. By doing this, you are cheating with everyone. You are a cheat, fraud, out of your head & what not. Can you predict the psychology of the entire family? I compare it with ‘Genocide’ or more of it.

      You can relish so many things in life. It doesn’t mean that you have to get all of those. For example, I have a dream of enjoying moon-lit nights with my wife. What should I do if I marry a woman who has discomfort with moon-lit night!!!!??? Should I find another better wife????
      Pls, answer me, giltimia. I think that you’re completely one sided.

      1. That’s the whole point. HA had the balls to do what he wanted. You don’t! You just fantasize about things and don’t have the courage to follow ur heart because you are a slave to the society. You worry too much what people will think and say. You always need society’s approval to feel good. You are a sheep, who is being manipulated by society everyday. With the mind of a slave you think you know right from wrong. But really there is no right or wrong…it is only a matter of perception. You need people like Shaon to point ur finger and say that is a bad girl…nosto may…the filth is in your head and in the notions that society fed u…OPEN UR MIND!!! TRY TO UNDERSTAND LOVE!!! Logic doesn’t matter…

    2. I am completely agreed with u .If shawan mother or father get married to some other person only than she can realised

  9. Well It was Shaon’s choice to get married with an older man so it’s normal to be a young widow for her, this kind of things always happens with big age gap couples why should we have to show sympathy for that! While she got married she was also aware of this kind of loss because she was young and half or less than half of HA’s age and it was obvious that HA might pass away before her so the loss is her own responsibility. If she is really very sad of her situation with two of her sons then she should have think about the after marriage disastrous effects while getting married with a much older man who has three daughters and a son.

  10. when shaon married HA did her mother told to her it is wrong…..don’t do this.Or she said “tumi ja bolba tai hobe”.Mr. giltimia why did you try to establish some lame excuse?Why mr. Mazhar was the middle man for everythings?Why does Nuhash polly open for only 40 days for public? After 40 days does anyone can go over there?our sympathy always go for nova , shila , bipasha and nuhash when we saw shaons greedy face.No matter what they are older or young.When gultekin’s marrige life ruined the people of whole bangladesh show sympathy for her.That time mr. giltimia the people like u doesn’t care anything.Why do you compare this time?

  11. I find it fascinating that this topic generates so much controversy, excitement and participation on here, while – e.g. CHT, India, disappearance, corruption, violence – results in hardly a whimper …

  12. I was just wondering……
    * was is wrong of his 1st wife to want him to be a grown up, responsible father?
    After all he was everyone has to grow up at some point in their lives especially when children are involved.
    *If you have an affair with your teenage daughter’s friend, isn’t that pervertism?
    * Didn’t they chose to make their lives a public circle, especially when both of them are in the limelight?
    I can only conclude that people who support this kind of behaviour must have these kind of preferences as well.

    1. I agree with you Brai. I don’t understand how Glitimia or people like him can support Humayun A & Shaon’s behaviour.No matter what he gave to Bangladesh but his moral charcater is condemnable. People like/fantasies many things but you expect our respectable people should show us moral guidanreate oce. They should follow the rule of society. May be his children felt unwanted by his side when he was not well. They did not want to create any scene or fight with that creature called Shaon. She wanted his vast property, she knew quite well that would inherit everything & she can start life all over again.

  13. I completely agree with everyone here. like Klanto Pothik said, you are being a little ignorant to what HA’s daughter must have felt upon learning that their father was having an affair with a much younger girl, that too their friend, no less.And in a society where people don’t let you forget that kind of a thing.If that would have happened to me (eww..i hope not). I would have chosen to break off all sorts communication with him too. Okay and what about the fact that Shaon postponed bringing HA’s dead body to Bangladesh for a day, juz bcuz she demanded to come by ‘first class’.Wow if my husband had died (again i hope not), the last thing i would be concerned about is travelling ‘first class’. and I’ve heard numerous other stories as such…now i agree they might not all be true…but hey no smoke without fire right?

    Plust c’mon all these reporters,their neighbors, the hospital, even a stranger stated she seemed ABSOLUTELY fine during the flight (but weirdly becomes practically senseless crying, hours later.. in front of a camera..hmmm..), every one of them can’t possible be lying right, there has to be at least SOME truth in these.

  14. Author and political scientist Dr. Ali Riaz had this to say recently about this Shaon Hatred phenomenon…

    হুমায়ূন আহমেদ শক্তিশালী কল্পনাপ্রবণ কথা সাহিত্যিক ছিলেন, তাঁর অকাল প্রয়াণের পর তাঁর লেখনীর শক্তি সবার মধ্যে ছড়িয়ে না পড়লেও কল্পনার শক্তি মনে হয় অত্যন্ত দ্রুত ছড়িয়ে পড়েছে। দুর্ভাগ্যজনকভাবে এই নিয়ন্ত্রনহীন কল্পনার চারণ ভূমি হয়ে উঠেছে হুমায়ূন আহমেদ, তাঁর পরিবার, তাঁদের জীবন । এই কল্পনাপ্রবণ মানুষেরা আপন মনের মাধুরী মিশিয়ে অবারিত ভাবে লিখছেন, বলছেন। এদের অনেকেই ভুলক্রমে সাংবাদিকতা পেশায় যুক্ত, ফলে তাঁরা যে সব “ষ্টোরী” লিখছেন সেগুলোকে “নিউজ ষ্টোরী” হিসেবে ভেবে ছেপে দিচ্ছেন,প্রচার করছেন । আর সাংবাদিকতার সঙ্গে প্রত্যক্ষভাবে যারা যুক্ত নন, তাঁদের কেউ কেউ এসব “ফিকশন”-কে “নন-ফিকশন” ভেবে নিবন্ধ হিসেবে হাজির করছেন। ফেসবুকের সুযোগ যাদের আছে তাঁদের তো কথাই নেই। কল্পনার শক্তিকে যথাযথভাবে ব্যবহার করাটাও একটা বড় গুন। হুমায়ূন আহমেদের লেখাগুলো অভিনেবেশের সঙ্গে পড়লে এই সব ‘নতুন সাহিত্যিকরা’ সেটা উপলব্ধি করতে পারতেন। তাঁদের জন্য সময় অবশ্য এখনও ফুরিয়ে যায় নি।

    1. ekta bishoe kotha bola..opinion share kora is actually healthy…ar aishob faltu political kotha jara bole ..tarai shobche beshi actual life e gossip korte posondo kore..we are just sharing our opinions thats all..and ‘being ignorant’ towards everything amr society khub pochondo kore..aigula kichudur bogus hote pare..kintu shobai je mittha boltese..puratai je pure result of some people’s imagination running wild…well ami class two te pora puchki na. j ai hashokor ek kotha bishash korbo. sorry.’facebooker’ jug hoe to bhalo, at least we are upfront about our opinions and thoughts. ar pit pise bouer kase gie boli na ‘ou go bou shonso ki hoitase..khaise go..jobbor ek jinis jansi.” JK..

  15. So none of you are too eager to correct me or answer any of my question. And all of you are angry at Shaon because she married HA. Just FYI, HA marred Shaon two years after his marriage with Gultekin Khan terminated.

    I am also surprised to see that all of you are blaming Shaon only without much reservations about HA’s acts.

    You all are saying why daughters would keep in touch with HA after the humiliation he caused them. This is right. But if they did not Keep any touch with HA when he was alive, why suddenly they would become so caring about his wishes after his death. Someone said why HA did not call. He was in death bed, unable to talk for nearly two weeks. Did any daughter go and see him?

  16. i think a few people did ans some of your questions..hmm..well first off dipu stated that people are not angry about what happened 8 years back but are rather miffed with shaon’s insensitive way of handling things and the way she behaved after his death…now you might say..and you have..that that was bcuz that was HA’s dying wish etc etc.but c’mon think of this, his body had literally started to rot…becharake shomoe moto koboro nosib hochilona. at such a point what is more important?? but she did not budge. she acted pretty much like a stubborn kid. do you think his family (mother, brothers, esp his children from his 1st marriage) wanted him to be buried at nuhash polli, where they would not be able to visit him peacefully. which is y they tried to put up a fight against it too, but the moment they realized how his father’s body had started to rot and he should did not deserve to be in the middle of this, they steeped back. why? because the fact that he be buried immediately was much more important to them than where he should be buried at …they stepped back because they loved him. if shaon loved him so much she would have considered doing that first.. and about what happened 8 years ago. we all blame HA just as much, if not more. but like i said people are not mad at her right now for what happened back then, which is why nobody is blaming HA. because we are talking about recent events. and in his daughters’ defense you can never really understand how much you love someone until you have actually lost them. i know it sounds cheesy but its true. they were so mad at him i guess. but the moment he was gone…now you can’t be mad at someone who’s not there anymore can you..HA nijer koekta boie likse je she onek obhimani..maybe the same goes for his children..but yes i agree. they should have visited him sooner and if they truly cared they must be regretting it now..but here’s the catch. you think shaon was beside him just because she was present at the same place as he was?? um..doubtful..shaon was said to be ‘shopping’ until late night there. some of the neighbors, a few other visitors said when they visited him, even after his operation. HA ekai tar visitorsder pani tani daoa then company daoa tuktak korse..she was nowhere to be seen. he called her and told her to come home plenty of i don’t believe everything i hear. but like i have said before. but she lied about the infection at first too. she did not want to admit it and said they were all rumors. but the hospital confirmed it was due to an infection. now a hospital of usa can’t possibly be making up stories now can they?

  17. Shaon is a beatch , thats i all i can say about her. Plz guys
    Dont be reasonable for her she is a selfish bitch her mom
    Is another big one. May allah punosh u for ur rest life n
    Im sorry abt ha first 4 kids. May allah bless u guyies. I know how do u fell
    To loose ur beloved father 2 wice.

  18. I think we all can leave Shaon along now,if she is clear to herself that’s the important . She does not have to prove to if she really loved HA!!
    I think Humayun got the pain back what he caused to his ist wife and 4 children. And if shaon did something wrong will return to her.Because every action has a reaction in the world.

  19. giltimia, you are continuously blowing Shaon’s trumpet. I don’t know, WHY??? It is so ridiculous. Pls, leave it.

  20. i’d certainly like to thank Mehek (if it’s the real name! if i knew her real name! (sigh)) for her informative opinion on this matter. specially her bold expressiveness with grammatical accuracy mesmerized me even more than HA’s genius did to shaon 😛 thanks again, Mehek. okay, now i had better try writing something on what Giltimia has presented before our heartless minds (!) (else he may ‘unapprove’ my comment on account of mere flirt (no way 😛 ). you know, ‘anger management’ problem 😛 ) first, Giltimia (or should it be Guilty Mia?) has asked some questions that certainly jerked our nation (perhaps, whole world, or maybe… universe, who knows?). I feel dire necessity to answer to those with my little extent of thinking ability. somewhere in his post he implied shaon and his sons are the only people to whom actually the death matters. are you out of your mind? what about HA’s mother? you want to say shaon was sadder than HA’s mother? would you mind giving a second thought on YOUR THOUGHTS? who gave in for the sake of carrying the burial off? his ‘real’ family members! i hope you read the story… there was a claim for one boy between two women. when the court ordered to cut the boys into halves, the actual mother gave in. why? cause she cares! yes, true relatives or friends care. (certainly, HA’s later two boys would be sorry, luckily they aren’t old enough to understand the loss.) HA’s mother didn’t even go to the burial ceremony in nuhashpolli. why? the mother hasn’t gone to his son’s burial! and shaon is thanking her ‘mother-in-law’ for agreeing with her? if she agreed, why didn’t she go? don’t you see shaon’s forceful control over HA? think. don’t just argue for the sake of argument. your other queries are well answered by this time, or aren’t they? i just want to say, giltimia, if your father had married any of your friends, you would run after him with a dagger. seriously. try to put yourself in other shoes. HA was a father to them at first, then he’s a writer. what they did was not abnormal. and yes, what Mehek wrote is arresting! keep cool \m/

    1. oii..tore mair dibo :P..this is actually my friend.(tor ‘anger management prob:P) i told him about this blog. and since HA happens to be his fav writer too i guess he decided to check it out. anyways but he does put up some interesting points, as did everyone else here. i guess this is just one of those topics which has no end

    2. Kukulkan> Glad you spoke my mind. You have been very precise with the points, so have many others in this blog ,,, from so many angles. If all these dont create any understanding within Mr. Guiltimia/guiltymia’s strange brain… nothing will … frankly speaking, he sounds like he is Shaon is disguise … Irrational, Stubborn, Hypocrate & in complete denial of the facts

  21. I think, Shown did a very big mistake …….
    Now, this is her time to prove her real love which she act. She just played a stupid game to all .

  22. Meher Afroz Shaon did her SSC in 1996 and HSC in 1998 from Viqarunnisa Noon College (where as Sheila Ahmed did her SSC in 1998 and HSC in 2000 from Holy Cross). Shaon’s family were neighbor of Doly Zahoor’s family and Shaon’s mom always requested Doly Zahoor whether there will be any chance for Shaon to act in Humayun Ahmed’s TV drama when Humayun Ahmed were becoming more popular day
    by day. At that time for a TV drama most probably AAAJ ROBBAR he needed a girl suitable for a character studying at class 09 or something like that. Doly Zahoor brought Shaon to Humayun Ahmed which he accepted cordially and since then started to act in his TV drama. But secretly Shaon and Humayun Ahmed started to make sexual relationship when Shaon was 1st year HSC student. She passed SSC with 5/6 letters and were a very good student but during her college years instead of going to college she used to make “secret dating” in various houses in Dhaka with Humayun Ahmed which took quite a long time to be known to Humayun Ahmed’s family. She did not do very good at HSC and could not get admission at any pubic university in Bangladesh. Shaon’s mom, knowingly or unknowingly, encouraged her daughter to visit Humayun Ahmed alone (?). However, the problem between Humayun Ahmed and Gultekin (and 3 konnya) had started earlier before even Humayun Ahmed met Shaon as because beside Shaon Humayun Ahmed also had had “relationship” with other teen age girls for quite a long time. Since 2001/2002 Gultekin with 3 Konnya and Nuhash started to live separately from Humayun Ahmed and at this crucial period of time Shaon became a kind of “KEPT” of Humayun Ahmed where they used to even stay together at night at various places including Nuhash Polli under camofalogue of “SHOOTING TV DRAMA OR FILM” which meant almost “LIVING TOGETHER” and in May 12 2004/5 Humayun Ahmed sent ” divorce notice letter” to Gultekin and published a letter to all print media in Banglaesh and Gultekin replied with another letter. The legal notice had 6 months time of validity for mutual compromise – with in these 6 months there was no compromise between these 2 parties and Gultekin never “claimed” any thing from Humayun Ahmed. So Humayun Ahmed’s divorce notice came into effect in November 6 or 11 in 2004/5 and Humayun Ahmed at the age of 57 years married Shaon, a young woman of only 24 years old and a friend of his second daughter Sheila Ahmed, after 4/5 days at Nuhash Polli – since then all the other family members of Humayun Ahmed such as her 3 sisters and their husbands and children, 2 brothers their wives and children and at the beginning Humayun Ahmed’s MOM all strongly extended their cordial support to Gultekin Khan, 3 konnya and Nuhash. Even though Meher Afroz Shaon became the “legal wife” of Humayun Ahmed – GULTEKIN KHAN remained the honorable Bhabi of their family since 1973 till even now due to strong personality, strong family values and a dignified house wife who defended the integrity and honour of the family from a great devastation caused by her husband’s wrong doings to all and Shaon had been perceived as a homewrecker dramabaz witch and a kind of “BAIZEE” not suitable to a prominent nationally known literary figure Humayun Ahmed having an extremely low social acceptance despite of her apparent celebrity outprofile .

    1. Humayun Ahmed is now beyond all criticisms, but young girls sohould be protected & made aware of old perverted people who not only have filthy intention but also take advantage of their own familiarity. Now look what has happened to Shaon. She is not only became a wid

  23. not only became a widow at a very young age with two very young children but also having bad reputation. May be she will fall for another old, rich perverted person. May be she will never never how it feels like having an young husband with full of warmth, funn and real happiness. Let’s see.

  24. I have never heard of HA until his death. Why do Bangladeshi people still worship him after his scandal. Yes he was a brilliant man with good education and wrote exquisite novels, but he did the most sinful and immoral thing! Cheating on his wife with his daughter’s friend, Sick! How can people respect him afterwards. They are both guilty, you can’t blame Shaon only. Hopefully, he repented for his sins before his death and may God forgive him. Too bad when people become famous and rich, then they are glued to their fame but they forget about God. If they can only think that they can die any moment in their life, and then they have to answer all his actions him before it’s too late.

  25. Why r u fighting like babies?a man wanted something different for his life n had fulfil his wish,he loved someone n hurt happens all the whats the big deal?

    1. Balika Bodhu….are you serious? “What’s the big deal”. How would you feel if that were your dad cheating on your mom, or yet your own daughter being cheated by her husband. Society has been corrupted by people like you, no more morals and humility. Indulge all the bad now. This world is temporary, hereafter is forever.

  26. আমার মনে হয় প্রত্যেক মানুষের একদিন হলেও তার নিজের মত করে নিজের সুখের কথা ভাবার অধিকার আছে। তাই হুমায়ুন আহমেদকে যদি শ্রদ্ধা করে থাকেন তাহলে এই সমস্যা আপনারও বুঝবেন। কঞ্জারভেটিভ সমাজ বলতে কি বুঝায় ঘরে বউ রেখে বাইরে পরকিয়া করা তার পর ঘরে বউ পিঠিয়ে তাকে আত্মহত্যা বলে চালিয়ে দেওয়া।

    আমারা বুঝে না বুঝে কত কথা বলে ফেলি, বাংলাদেশে প্রতিদিন এই সমস্যায় কত স্ত্রী মারা যায় তার জন্য আপনারা কি করেছেন? শুধু এক গুলতেকিন কে নিয়ে এত টানাটানি। এরকম কতজনকে পাওয়া যাবে যে বলবে, আমার হাজবেন্ড বাইরে কাউকে পছন্দ করে না!

    হুমায়ুন আহমেদ আর শাওন বিয়ে করছে তাই যত প্রবলেম তাই না? পরকিয়া করলে কোন সমস্যা নাই শাওনকে ইউজ করে চেড়ে দিলেও সমস্যা ছিল না কিন্তু কি? বিয়ে করছেন তাই এত সমস্যা।

    ছি ছি ধিক আমাদের এই নোংরা চিন্তার সমাজকে আর তাদেরকেও যারা এই বিয়ে নিয়ে সমালোচনা করছেন। একটু হলেও পজেটিভ চিন্তা করতে শিখুন তাতে আপনারও ভালো আর সমাজেরও।

    ভুলে যান কেন, রবিন্দ্রনাথও পরকিয়া করেছেন আর সে পরকিয়া নিয়ে প্রকাশও করেছেন যার পরকীয়ার উপন্যাসে আপনার/আপনাদের প্রেমের অনুভূতি জাগে এসব কোন বিষয় না কারন শুধু পরকীয়াত এটা এই সমাজে চলতেই পারে কিন্তু ২য় বিয়ে নয়। হা হা হা হা…..

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