Rangamati Race Riots: Bengalis attack Jumma

“Later the clash spread into other areas of the town, with Bengalis running amock. At 11:30am the Bengalis attacked Jummas at Banrupa, College Gate and New Market.




Judicial probe into indigenous-settler clash demanded

District administration of Rangamati on Saturday demanded a judicial probe into the clash between indigenous people and Bangali settlers in the district that left 20 people injured.

10 thoughts on “Rangamati Race Riots: Bengalis attack Jumma

      1. After reading the news I have talked to my friend back home who happens to be Masjid committee chairman in one of the Mosque in eastern part of Dhaka. He is also a known local Awami League activist. He gave me account that few tribal people did come to Mosque on their own will and accepted Islam as their faith. Local people did help them but after few days tribal Muslims were threatened by RAB and tribal youth. Now tribal Muslims went into hiding fearing torture by tribal youth and RAB.

        Tribal people have history of directing violence and brutality. Throughout 70s and 80s tribal youth with fund and arms from india ran terror campaign in Chittagong hill districts. All of these are documented and admitted by tribals and by independent sources. Still to date, tribal youth and their organization hold huge cache of arms, control extortion racket and kill rival groups.

        Now tribal brutal acts are moving from Chittagong hills to heart of Dhaka.These tribal youth organizations taking queue from past leadership and directing terrorizing act of brutality against Muslim tribals.

        Acts of brutality and extremism shown by tribal youth and their organization not only undermines tribal cause but also questions credibility of Alal O Dulal acting as mouth piece of tribal organizations.

        And for Khujeci, anyone reads AoD knows which end of extremism you preach and paddle. Simply labeling the news which has specific account from victims, statement from police officials and others (which has not been contested) as “yellow tabloid, propaganda sheet AMAR DESH!”; you just highlighted your AoD branded secular dogma.

    1. 1. If one selectively reads the Khujeci posts that fits one’s worldview, and ignores the ones where I am critical of the secularists, one can indeed form a stereotype of where from I “preach and paddle” and keep banging away on that like a broken record. But notice that you never have responses to the points raised, instead always devolving into personal attacks on Khujeci.

      2. I don’t see the point of your informant being AL? Is that supposed to make your friend’s word more believable? AL is just as racist, Bengali supremacist and communal as BNP, JP, JI– they represent the dominant racist and soft-communal tendencies of the mainstream.

      3. They are “adivasi” not “tribal”– latter is a racist term that adivasis of Bangladesh have rejected for the last decade.

      4. Anyone who has done serious research on the representation/ratio of adivasis in police, RAB, or army knows their numbers are utterly miniscule (almost zero in case of army). So the idea that they are in those forces in large enough numbers to target Muslim adivasis, maye even chase them all the way to Dhaka (!) is ludicrous.

      In fact one of the requirements of 1997 CHT Accord was to have fully proportional mixed-race police force in CHT area. Of course AL never implemented that, as they implemented very little in CHT. There is detailed analysis here:

      1. Response to #2
        No specific reason other than the fact at grassroots level Awami League folks are made believe that regime is sensitive to their faith. But at top level Awami League regime is pursuing policy and prosecution of Muslims by facilitating tribal organizations brutality.

        Response to # 3.
        This is another concocted invention of false history that tribals are so called “adivasi”. Tribal’s in CHT came and settled hundreds of years ago but by NO MEANS “adivasi”. Most of their land was allocated by colonial British legacy. And making “tribal” a racist term is just another level of criminal intent in the making.

        Response to # 4
        It does not take large number to conduct subversive planning and activities. Tribal organizations are small in numbers but proven to have infiltrated to the point that they can force police and other administration decision through direct influence or through religious/non govt/foreign organizations. Most of these infiltration/ influence pocket created during 1/11 and current awami League regime. With foreign NGO money tribal organization even influence circle of secu/sushils voice. Here is an example of Chakma member of police force arrested with illegal ammunition:

        Former PCJSS members in police under close watch
        ‘Necessary instructions have been given to the officials concerned to keep them [ex-PCJSS members in the police service] under close watch, particularly those dealing with firearms,’ a senior official at the police headquarters told New Age on Thursday.

        The instruction was given after five policemen, including two former members of the armed wing of PCJSS, were arrested with bullets, made by Bangladesh Ordnance Factory, which they had illegally possessed.
        On October 25, nayeks Prem Chakma, 37, of Mahalchhari in Khagrachari, and Jenal Chakma, 37, of Naniarchar in Rangamati, both stationed at the Public Order Management (north division) in Mirpur, were arrested at Karful for illegally possessing 500 bullets of AK-47 rifle made by the BOF.


      2. 1. I agree with you that AL at top level is racist and communal. But I don’t agree that at junior level they are that much better.

        2. The debate on adivasi vs tribal is an old one, going back to the 2nd BNP era when Foreign Minister said “Bangladesh has no indigenous people” and then continued in 2nd AL era when new Foreign Minister again said “Bangladesh has no indigenous people.” This is a long-running debate and if this blog is the first time you are encountering this issue, you really need to venture outside your safety zone, and seek conversation with people who are not “like-minded.”

        Here is one of many articles on this issue:

        3. The idea that adivasis have “infiltrated” police or any other force, during CTG government, shows how little you know of the region. During CTG government, indigenous people were brutally militarized, resulting in death of Choles Ritchil and near-death of Ranglai Mro. “Operation Uttoron” was a wide-ranging military operation in that time.

  1. Response to khujeci’s post [January 11, 2013 at 9:17 pm]

    I am very well aware of incidents during 1/11 regime. But incidents in CHT had very little bearing, if any, in infiltration in Dhaka based establishment, starting with Chakma raja appointment as advisor to chief advisor at that time. Infiltration went on at many levels with active EU and UNDP influence and pressure despite what happened in CHT. It goes without saying muscle flexing of UNDP during 1/11 regime. And the same UNDP has been on mission of Christian missionary role in CHT for long time now. Besides, I have already posted news on Chakma policemen were held with Bangladesh ordinance factory ammunition. So you can use spin like “shows how little you know of the region” to distract from tribal infiltration and brutality but disingenuous ploy is more than obvious.

    1. When Devasish Roy is appointed to a position it is “infiltration,” but when Bengali bureaucrat, businessman, army officer, or politician, is appointed to same position it is not.

      This is because, to certain people, only Bengalis (and Bengali Muslims at that) are insiders and nationals, everyone else is an outsider and infiltrator.

      UNDP is a terrible organization, but proselytizing is not where their interests lie.

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