Hate Crimes after Boston: Bangladeshi network engineer becomes “fucking Arab”

Abdullah Faruque
Abdullah Faruque

As Faruque, a Bangladeshi-origin network engineer, turned to return to his meal, one of the other men said: “Yeah, he’s a f–king Arab,” leading to a brutal pummeling that dislocated Faruque’s left shoulder and left him semiconscious. “I’ve been jumped before. If you can’t win, you back up, you try to protect yourself.”
Boston Marathon Bombing Fallout: Bangladeshi Man Beaten In Bronx For Being An ‘Arab’

Abdullah Faruque, 30 — a native of the South Asian country who grew up in The Bronx — was at Applebee’s on Exterior Avenue in Melrose at about 11:30 p.m. Monday when he went outside for a smoke. Three or four Hispanic males he’d noticed drinking at the bar followed him and angrily got in his face, he recalled yesterday.
Bx. idiots beat up ‘Arab’ in revenge

Boston : Abdullah Faruque, pris pour un Arabe, agressé à New York

Pris pour un « Arabe », Abdullah Faruque, un New Yorkais né au Bangladesh, a été molesté par plusieurs individus.

White Out: Media Heap Suspicion On Brown People In Boston

Huffington Post-by Amanda Terkel-14 hours ago
The rush for indictment and revenge has also taken a toll on Abdullah Faruque, 30, the Bronx man who was beaten up for having brown skin

US Muslims Relive 9/11 Experience

Onislam.net-4 hours ago
I didn’t even know that [the] Boston [bombing] happened because I had a busy day,” Abdullah Faruque, 30, told New York Post. “Before I could

NYPD probing possible bias crime in Bronx – The Post Star

Glens Falls Post-Star-19 hours ago
Abdullah Faruque told police that he stepped outside the Applebee’s to smoke around 11:30 p.m. Monday. He said several men followed him

Abdullah Faruque Says He Was Attacked, Called ‘F**kin’ Arab’ In

Huffington Post-by Christopher Mathias-Apr 18, 2013
Abdullah Faruque stepped outside a Bronx Applebee’s Monday to have a cigarette when he was beaten up by a group of men who called him
Boston Marathon victims

The Post-Boston Islamophobic Hate Crimes Have Begun

Ahmad Almujahed, Heba Almujahed and baby Shaam Abolaban during a family trip to the Boston Aquarium earlier this month. (Photo via Malden.patch.com)

by Julianne Hing, Thursday, April 18 2013, 4:22 PM EST

On Wednesday, a white man harassed and punched a Palestinian woman in Medford, Massachusetts, calling her a “terrorist” and blaming her for the deadly bombing attack at the Boston Marathon.

Hema Abolaban, a physician, was walking down the street with a friend when they were approached. Malden Patch reported:

“He was screaming ‘F_ you Muslims! You are terrorists! I hate you! You are involved in the Boston explosions! F_ you!’” Abolaban remembered. “Oh my lord, I was extremely shocked.”

She said the man – described as a white male in his thirties wearing dark sunglasses – kept shouting and walking toward her as she backed away.

“I did not say anything to him,” she said. “Not even that we aren’t terrorists…he was so aggressive.”

5 thoughts on “Hate Crimes after Boston: Bangladeshi network engineer becomes “fucking Arab”

  1. There are 330 million people in USA and around 3 million of them are Muslim. There are all kinds of Americans. With every terrorist incident there is expected that there would be some kind of backlash. Just think of a normal curve 10 or 20 incident out of 3 million, what is the p value of that? What kind of hypotheses we can establish?

    Muslims in the rest of the world do a disservice by focusing on this extreme outliers. The statistics they should look into is

    about 55% Americans have some unfavorable impression of Islam, while for Buddhism, Judaism and Christianity they are respectively 35%, 15% and 8%.
    at the same time “Nearly 60 percent of Americans do not think Muslim Americans are more sympathetic to terrorists” (http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-503544_162-20103589-503544/poll-1-in-3-think-muslim-americans-more-sympathetic-to-terrorists-than-other-americans)

    When you consider the negative press Muslims get (bulk of it due to nobody else but they themselves) its a wonder that more anti-muslim incidents don’t happen in USA.

    Once again the terrorists turned out to be Muslims. If we devoted 10% of the effort in that we exert in griping how the world treats Muslims, we would have been in a much better place. If everybody thinks you have a problem then you really have a problem.

  2. What laughable apologism for bigotry by Shafiq. So such incidents (Most of which don’t get reported in the press) are statistically insignificant while terrorist attacks happen what, everyday? The miniscule number of actual terrorist attacks in the US justifies their massive bigotry towards Muslims? Sheer nonsense that would not be uttered if the group affected were anyone but Muslims.

    “When you consider the negative press Muslims get (bulk of it due to nobody else but they themselves) its a wonder that more anti-muslim incidents don’t happen in USA. ”

    Really? then by that token Americans should be thankful that there are not more terrorist attacks or that they are not lynched daily in Muslim countries considering the record of of their government (Invasions, drone attacks etc) in imposing global suffering which exceeds by a great margin anything they have ever received from ‘terrorism”. How many terrorist attacks have actually been carried out by American Muslims in the last ten years? Three? four? Talk about actual extreme outliers. And they should be grateful for not receiving more hate crimes, right.

    By the way should Bangladeshi Buddhists also feel grateful not receiving more hate crimes considering what their compatriots are up to in Sri Lanka and Burma (Outright genocide) or is such “gratefulness” solely reserved for Muslims? If a Buddhist temple is ransacked in Bangladesh would you say that they should be thankful that more such incidents do not happen due to news about what the Burmese are doing to the Rohingya?

    “If we devoted 10% of the effort in that we exert in griping how the world treats Muslims, we would have been in a much better place. If everybody thinks you have a problem then you really have a problem.”

    And if the Americans devoted 1% of the energy they devote to freaking out over “TERRORISM” to something that actually kills far more of them like gun violence, than they would have been in a much better place. Of course since most gun massacres in the US (Which kill far more than “terrorism”) are committed by mentally ill white men, no sweeping measures are proposed and even token gun control measures aren’t; accepted. However if the mentally ill killer turns out to be Muslim then (As is probably the case here) then cue the hysteria. Far more people died just days ago in Waco due to faulty zoning and you don’t see them extending a tenth of the hysteria there as there is no easily demonized “Other” there. Far many more Americans will die via drowning in their bathtubs than by “terrorism”, but it is other people who apparently need to be piously and sanctimoniously lectured about their priorities.

    Somehow I doubt we hear the same apologist nonsense if this incident occurred in say, Saudi Arabia or the U.A.E.

    Please publish this comment.

    1. Dear Tec 15, you don’t need to add a request for your comment to be published. Unless you use abusive and vulgar language or say completely irrelevant things, I don’t think AlaloDulal editors will ever bar your comment.

      Let me emphasize that we will differ in our opinions and I am not trying to convert you.

      You raised so many points that I don’t know where to begin. If you want to start a conversation, please put forward your points one at a time and clearly.

      First of all, no bigotry is justified. But my point was that compared to the bad press Muslims and Islam is getting in the last 12 years, the amount of actual act of hate crimes against Muslims in America is very minuscule. I did not at all refer to American government policies but just the everyday experience of Muslims among general people. I do not have time to go into detailed analysis but I will refer to my experience. I only lived in USA for less that 5 years but I have talked with many Bangladeshi professionals who have lived and worked both in North America and Europe for many years. To date I have every single person said that the American people have been the fairest and most well behaved among all developed nations of the western hemisphere. I have yet to find any person who compared the general behavior of American people unfavorably to European or other people in the western world. And among these professionals, there were many pious Muslims who think American government is really the great Satan and they pray for its downfall everyday.

      I really don’t want to go into a debate about how Muslim countries treat non-Muslims but it is illustrative that most of the Muslim countries are rapidly emptying their minority non-Muslims. I really don’t want to talk about pogroms against minorities in Bangladesh but I would just make a point, I do not think there was a single incident of religion fueled terrorism in Bangladesh in 42 years. How many pogroms we had?

      Muslims get very bad press in USA. There are several reasons for that. First of all, Americans have bad impression of Muslims and media follows the customer. Secondly, there is no denying that Islam has replaced Communism as the ideological enemy for many US ideologues and politicians. Thirdly, media in USA is is dominated by few moguls who are very Zionist and hence deliberately stoke a anti-Muslim story. Fourthly, the conservative Christians have also determined that Islam is now their main hindrance to bring about the millennium of Jesus. My main point is that in spite of all these bad press, Muslims in America suffer very few incidence of hate crime.

      Of course America over reacts. This has been America’s specialty for decades. Having such deadly neighbors such as Canada and Mexico has made Americans ultra conscious of security. American overreaction was illustrated no better when authorities shut down Boston, one of the principal economic centers of the country, in fear of a wounded teenager. By some estimates, losses in economic activity amounted to hundreds of millions of dollars.

      I still can’t put a finger on your main gripe so my answer is somewhat rambling. If you kindly put down your complaints more pointedly, I hope to do a better job next time.

  3. বাংলাদেশে প্রতিদিন হিন্দুদের প্রতিদিন যে হেটক্রাইম হয় তা নিয়ে একদিন কিছু লিখবেন কি?

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