Saudi Hip-Hop: “They say Bengalis are thieves”

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 4.55.10 PM
Saudi Rap Video: “I’m not Afraid of my Sponsor”

Bahraini Video: "Feel for him a little"
Bahraini Video: “Feel for him a little”

BBC: “Which of the following three things is not typical for a migrant worker in a Gulf country:
1. Dormitory accommodation. 2. Long days. 3. Criticising the way Saudi society treats them using stylish hip-hop to round off the day.

A migrant rap group has gone viral by challenging the stereotypes of the millions of South Asians who come to Saudi Arabia for work. Except – as BBC Trending reports – they are Saudi comedians dressed as migrants, making a point.”

For the subtitled version, go to this Facebook link:

YouTube Interview:

Bahraini Video:

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