Sal Khan: Disruptor

Bangladeshi-American Sal Khan on cover of Forbes magazine.

One Man, One Computer, 10 Million Students:
How Khan Academy Is Reinventing Education

The headquarters of what has rapidly become the largest school in the world, at 10 million students strong, is stuffed into a few large communal rooms in a decaying 1960s office building hard by the commuter rail tracks in Mountain View, Calif. Despite the cramped, dowdy circumstances, youthful optimism at the Khan Academy abounds. At the weekly organization-wide meeting, discussion about translating their offerings into dozens of languages is sandwiched between a video of staffers doing weird dances with their hands and plans for upcoming camping and ski trips.November 19, 2012 issue of Forbes

  • Sal Khan on How Technology Can Humanize the Classroom

    VideoThis is a really fantastic TED talk with Sal Khan of the Khan Academy, a non-profit company that develops educational videos and software to help kids learn at their own pace. This is exactly the sort of thing I hope we see more of at the intersection of technology and […] read »

  • Khan Academy: Audacious Startups Part II

    The featured startup, Khan Academy, threads together the vision and entrepreneurial spirit of its founder, Salman Khan. It is enabled and enriched by a core and a promise that have roots in the founder’s cultural lineage and his proclivity to enable communities. read »

  • LeBron James, Khan Academy Team Up

    Miami Heat basketball star LeBron James and Khan Academy founder Salman “Sal” Khan collaborated on a neat little video that shows how to calculate the probability of making ten free throws in a row. The Khan-LeBron video has lots of winning educational technology packed into it. According to educational tech consultant, Karishma Gurtu, the […] read »

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