The formidable 14 year old

This a 14 year old girl from one of the most socially backward, deprived and uncivilized areas of the World — Swat Valley pakistan.

Her name is Malala Yousufzai. Although she is only a 14 year old 8th grader, she definitely is not like any other 14 year old in the world.

She is an embodiment of passion, bravado, activism. She is the example what ‘standing up for right’ means in real life.
She probably is the youngest and most inspirational politicians in Asia, if not in the World. Just search her name in Youtube. You will see hundreds of TV interviews of Malala — some 30 minute, some hour long. You will see her fiery stump speeches.

The taliban of Pak-Afghan border defeated super power Soviet union with their gun. The same Taliban is eyeing another decisive victory against the remaining superpower, The USA. They thought they can engage any enemy with their guns and win the battle. Those cowards shot this 14 year old girl in the head.
These Talibans – these angels of backwardness and darkness, do not know that their guns will not win the war for them against all. Malala is symbol of progress and freedom. She meant education and liberty of Muslim women. This is way much super a power than all the colonial invaders.
These cowards will lose the battle this time. Those Talibans don’t know empowerment, education, progress, advancement — collectively is much more powerful that colonial powers.


Laura Bush Washington Post Op-Ed on attack on Malala

English translated Excerpts on the Diary of Malala from BBC

2 thoughts on “The formidable 14 year old

  1. a real question to be asked, who supply weapons in the hand of Taliban and with so much sophisticated surveillance from sky, why can’t others stop it, or rather, does anyone wants to stop it?

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