Greece, Blood Strawberries, and Hate Crimes crisis

“About 30 migrant workers, mainly Bangladeshi, have been wounded in a shooting on a strawberry farm in Greece after requesting salaries that had not been paid”
Bangladeshi migrants shot in Greece

“Nea Manolada has previously been in the spotlight over exploitation of migrants. In 2008 workers staged a strike against inhumane conditions. There have also been reports of previous attacks. A social media campaign has now been launched to boycott the fruit from Nea Manolada, calling them “blood strawberries”. The Council of Europe – the main European human rights watchdog – issued a report this week detailing abuse against migrants in Greece. The report warned of a growing wave of racist violence, stating that “democracy is at risk”. It highlighted the role of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party.”

BBC: Greece Farm Shooting

Immigrants protest hate crimes in Greece
Immigrants protest hate crimes in Greece

Earlier, Javied Aslam, the head of the Migrant Workers’ Association in Greece and leader of the Greek Pakistani community, said hundreds had been injured in racially motivated attacks. “In the past six months, knife-wielding fascists have attacked some 500 persons with impunity from the police,” he said. “The rise in hate attacks against foreigners is starting to take a dangerous direction,” Justice Minister Antonis Roupakiotis said. “The country’s acute migration problem and its consequences cannot, of course, be dealt with using inhumanly violent means.”
Greece wrestles with rise in hate crime

Greece is clearly failing very significantly to absorb and respect the rights of the many migrants that are crossing its land and sea borders with Turkey,” Amnesty International spokesman John Dalhuisen said. “It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the EU has a humanitarian crisis not beyond its borders, not on its borders, but within its borders.”
Greece faces a “humanitarian crisis” over its mistreatment of asylum-seekers and migrants, according to a report by Amnesty International.

Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias defended the crackdown. He said Greece’s economic plight meant it could not afford an “invasion of immigrants”. He called the immigration issue a “bomb at the foundations of the society and of the state”.

“I’m scared I’ll die at any time because it’s so unsafe here,” one Afghan says while cowering on a disused railway track. “Nobody looks after us – there are no human rights in Greece. My dream is to go to England and I’ll try every day to get there.”
Journey across crisis-hit Greece

Immigrant workers degradation practices in Nea Manolada: farm owners brutally abuse immigrants “to set an example”.

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