Embrace Love

Embrace Love

by Shamsul Islam

They call it the love campaign.
We called it the last embrace.
They say we are the happiest people in the world.
Because we are denied our pain.

She could have been my sister.
He could have been my brother.
She could have been my lover.
Me, running towards her.

I wonder what he whispered to her.
Before dust filled his lungs.
I wonder what she saw last.
Before darkness took over.

Why did he not rescue her?
Why can’t we be heroes too?
Do our deaths have to be helpless too?
Crumbling dreams vanishing in dust.

Shamsul Islam is a Bangladeshi-American filmmaker based in New York. He worked on “Blood Soaked Banner of Phulbari,” a documentary on the Phulbari people’s movement in Bangladesh.


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