Silence speaks volumes

By Javed Jahangir
Prior to the outbreak of the recent violence in Bangladesh that pitted the police against the Jamaat-e-Islami, the conservative Islamic party, there was a stark silence among Western news outlets on the massive protests at Shahbagh junction in Dhaka. For 38 days and counting, up to a quarter of a million people have gathered peacefully everyday at Shahbagh, and elsewhere across the country, to demonstrate in favour of death sentences for those convicted of war crimes dating back to the country’s 1971 Liberation War against Pakistan. Shahbagh, and the subsequent violent backlash, was sparked by sentences handed down to leaders of the Jamaat, which collaborated with Pakistani forces in 1971 and has been tightly enmeshed in Bangladeshi politics ever since. Continue reading “Silence speaks volumes”

Tears of a Pahari Woman

“If today, forty years after the atrocities of Pakistani soldiers and their Razakar collaborators in the Independence war 1971, there can be our rallying cry for justice amongst the people of Bangladesh, a cry heard across the world, then why cannot the Pahari people demand the same justice and equality for themselves today? Why, in this Independent Bangladesh, do some citizens have to withstand military rule imposed indefinitely?
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