When Death Certificates Lie

Smart Export Garment Ltd Fire: Doctors Have Ethical Responsibilities too

The dead bodies of Smart Export Garment Ltd workers were covered with ashes, blackened. Some had minor burn marks.

Anjan Lal Ghosh, an assistant  professor and resident physician of Shikdar Medical College told the Daily Star, “the five injured bore stampede injuries and the dead had signs of smoke inhalation.”

However, the death certificate counter signed by him said,”brought dead due to cardiac respiratory failure.” All of a sudden, all six of them drop dead and died of cardiac respiratory failure!

The real cause of death (asphyxiation and stampede) remain known, but undocumented.

Doctors have ethical responsibilities, dont they?

3 thoughts on “When Death Certificates Lie

  1. Un-****-ing-believable! So the death certificates say fire didn’t kill these 6 women who died in yet another garments factory fire, but a sudden heart failure, in all of them, together, is what killed them.

    Will now wait for the apologists to defend this with yet another, no-not-all-of-us-this-bad-but-yet-all-of-us-deserve-all-the-perks-we-get-though-we-will-not-self regulate-this-industry rebuttals.

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